201720110326-20171214 instagram@kdkkdk 20171215-20171231Sahngup gallerySeoulKoreaimage
2017or look back4tk004SeoulKorea
2016out of inaando fine artBerlinGermanyimage
2015pPerigee GallerySeoulKoreaimage
2014KDK art wallSeoulKoreaimage
20132013 : A Space OdysseyKAIST SUPEXSeoulKorea
2012bGallery 2SeoulKoreaimage
2011Facility SkinsMichael Schultz GalleryBerlinGermany
2011Space FactionMK2 Art spaceBeijingChina
2010FlowingscapeNanji GallerySeoulKorea
2010Line UpGallery 2SeoulKoreaimage
2010SFGallery MigoBusanKorea
2009KDKGoozee GalleryDaeguKoreaimage
2008New SFGallery 2SeoulKorea
2008WGallery 2SeoulKoreaimage
2006SFOne and J GallerySeoulKoreaimage
2006Images of SpeedSeomi and TuusSeoulKorea
2005Images of SpeedGallery DelankCologneGermany
2000Dokyun KimSK GallerySeoulKorea

2018ObsessionArko Art CenterSeoulKorea
2018photo, minimalgallery luxSeoulKorea
2018Civilization:The way we live nowMMCAGwacheonKorea
2018Unclosed bricksArko Art CenterSeoulKorea
2018En SuspensGalerie Berthet-AittouaresParisFrance
2018The Third Print : Homo ArchivistDohing ArtSeoulKorea
2018Wandering021 GalleryDaeguKoreaimage
2017Mobius stripeONE AND J gallerySeoulKorea
2017Love and StripeAK gallerySuwonKorea
2017Stars of StarsGAMChangwonKorea
2017SAMRAMANSANG : from Kim Whanki to Yang Fudong MMCASeoulKorea
2016As the Moon Waxes and Wanes MMCA Gwacheon, 30Years 1986-2016MMCAGwacheonKorea
2016Inner spaceatelier akiSeoulKorea
2016Photo : Five RoomsDoosan GallerySeoulKorea
2016When Words FailHite CollectionSeoulKorea
2016Public to Private : Photography in Korean Art since 1989MMCASeoulKoreaimage
2016making is thinking is making – New Korean CraftMilano TriennaleMilanItaly
2016Fancy SpaceGoyang Aramnuri Aram MuseumGoyangKorea
201674cmNook gallerySeoulKoreaimage
2016A Photograph Rarely Stands Alone. Pairs, sequences, and series from the Kunstbibliothek’s Collection of PhotographyMuseum fuer FotografieBerlinGermany
2015The flame of Seoul63 Art MuseumSeoulKorea
2015Wisdom of the Earth-A Homage to Korean ArchitectureMuseum LeeumSeoulKorea
2015Shadow of ObjectCOSSeoulKorea
2015Lies of lies, on photographyHuis met de HoofdenAmsterdamNetherlands
2015Since 1970, Where, in What Form, Shall We Meet AgainWhanki MuseumSeoulKorea
201531 Experiments on Light : Intimate RaptureCulture Station Seoul 284SeoulKoreaimage
2015Lies of lies, on photographyTotal MuseumSeoulKorea
2015Birth of a Scenegallery luxSeoulKorea
2015Hoedong Conversationart district pBusanKorea
2014AFFINITY 90gallery chosunSeoulKorea
2014Road Show SILKROADChina cultural Center in SEOULSeoulKorea
2014Well-constructed: contemporary photography from KoreaAando fine artBerlinGermany
2014Space Gardeninggallery planetSeoulKorea
2014Being in PhenomenaLIG Art spaceSeoulKorea
2014Re-imaginationIl-Woo SpaceSeoulKorea
2013Nivatour2, Korea-Nigeria : A friendship over decadesTotal MuseumSeoulKorea
2013The Show must go onLasalleSingapore
2013Scenes VS ScenesSeoul Museum of ArtSeoulKorea
2013What if Project – Barter Center for Images of Corea CampanellaHotel AmadeusVeniceItaly
2013Flat in FlatFlatSeoulKorea
2013Mental OperationWhite BlockPajuKorea
2012Beyond Bridge Part IIIBridge GallerySeoulKoreaimage
2012Photography is Magic!Main Exhibition Daegu Photo BiennaleDaeguKorea
2012Extreme SequenceInteralia Art CompanySeoulKorea
2012The Rule of Reproduction IGallery ChosunSeoulKorea
2012Building StoriesPilar Corrias GalleryLondonUnited Kingdom
2012Dream, Thought, CreationCheongShim Peace World CenterGyeonggiKorea
2012Real & IllusionSeoul Auction GangnamSeoulKorea
2012ka-talk archi-talkGallery 2SeoulKoreaimage
2011Young Artist Project 2011 : Future LabEXCODaeguKorea
2011Seoul Photo FestivalSeoul Museum of ArtSeoulKorea
2011New Caledonia Photo FestivalNoumea Le MeridianNoumeaNew Caledonia
2011Propose 7Kumho Museum of ArtSeoulKorea
2011SYSTEM-PIAYoungeun Museum of Contemporary ArtKwangjuKorea
2011Space StudyPLATEAUSeoulKorea
2011Color x Art x Play x 3Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts CenterGoyangKorea
2011Moment UnfoldedShinsegae GallerySeoulKorea
2011Urban LandscapePark Ryusook GallerySeoulKorea
2010Edition : The Expanded GenreInteraliaSeoulKorea
2010Residence Parade IVIncheon Art PlatformIncheonKorea
2010Real InterfaceGana ArtBusanKorea
2010The Penguin that goes to the MountainNamjune Paik Art centerYonginKorea
2010First DecadeGyeonghuigung Annex Building of Seoul Museum of ArtSeoulKorea
2010Which means the Strength of Gyonggi ProvinceGyonggi Museum of Modern ArtAnsanKorea
2010Drawing the worldIncheon Art PlatformIncheonKorea
2010Two Folds of Negatives – Against RealityGallery ChosunSeoulKorea
2010Memoir of a Place, Reviving the MemoriesGongganSarangSeoulKorea
2009NO……Gwangju Museum of ArtGwangjuKorea
2009JirisanShinsegae GalleryGwangjuKorea
2009The Photograph as Contemporary ArtDoosan GallerySeoulKorea
2009Double FantasyMarugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary ArtMarugameJapan
2009MUSEUM2Korea Art GalleryBusanKorea
2008DAKS, Making HistorySungkok MuseumSeoulKorea
2008Photo on PhotographKumho Museum of ArtSeoulKorea
2007Siemens Project: Dialogue 2+1Museum fuer PhotographyBraunschweigGermany
2007Love of LightMuseum BochumBochumGermany
2007Western Style Courtesy of SpaceDaelim Contemporary Art MuseumSeoulKorea
2006Time-Space-PhotographyGallery DelankCologneGermany
2006Die Liebe zum LightGallery Haus CoburgDelmenhorstGermany
2006Junge Kuenstler aus aller Welt zu Gast bei PwCStadt MuseumDüsseldorfGermany
2006From Fellows Fictiones TemporaryDüsseldorfGermany
2006Love of LightRobert-Simon-StiftungCelleGermany
2006Jubilaeumsausstellung – 10 JahreGallery DelankCologneGermany
2006An Aspect of German Contemporary ArtJeonbuk Province Art MuseumJeonjuKorea
2005The 5th Photo Festival: LandscapeGana Art CenterSeoulKorea
2005Tradition und ZeitgeistKultfabrik White BoxMunichGermany
200559th Bergische Kunstausstellung : Part 2Galerie der Stadt RemscheidRemscheidGermany
200559th Bergische KunstausstellungMuseum BadenSolingenGermany
2005Siemens Project: DialogueDüsseldorf/Cologne/KrefeldDüsseldorfGermany
2005Special Exhibition at Koelnphoto 2005Koelnphoto 2005CologneGermany
2004Contemporary Korean and Japanese PhotographyGallery DelankCologneGermany
2002aus der Klasse RuffGallery Haus SchneiderKarlsruheGermany
2001Fragrance of JejuSK GallerySeoulKorea