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selected books and catalogues

Ewing, William A. / Roussell, Holly. Civilization: The Way We Live Now. United Kingdom: Thames & Hudson.     
Kim, Jeong Eun / Kim, Soyeon, ed. instagram@kdkkdk. Seoul: IANNBOOKS.  

신소장품 = New Acquisitions. 2016 . Korea: National Museum of  Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

As the Moon Waxes and Wanes: MMCA Gwacheon, 30 years 1986 ~ 2016. Korea: National Museum of  Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.  
Jung, Woochul / Kang, Taehi. When Words Fail. Seoul: Hite Collection. 
Public to Private. Korea: National Museum of  Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.
XXI Triennale International Exhibition I 21st Centruty .Design After Design. Milan: La Triennale di Milano.

Shin, Seung Oh. p. Seoul: Perigee Hall & Gallery.  
Gehry, Frank / Hong Lee, Ra Hee / Kengo, Kuma / Sanin, Francisco / Won, Kim. Wisdom of the Earth – A Homage to Korean Architecture. Seoul: Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art.  
Since 1970, Where, in What Form, Shall We Meet Again. Seoul: Whanki Museum.
31 Experiments on Light : Intimate Rapture. Seoul: Korea Craft & Design Foundation.
Lies of Lies, on Photography. Seoul: Total Museum Press. 

Lee, Yung-joon. KDK b.ios.lu.sf.w. Korea: Shinsegae Gallery. 
Re-imagination, Seoul: Il-Woo Space.

ka-talk archi-talk. Seoul: Gallery 2 Edition.
Cotton, Charlotte. ed. Daegu Photo Biennale 2012 :  Phtography Is Magic!  Daegu: Daegu Photo Biennale Foundation. 

Propose 7. Seoul: Kumho Museum of Art.
Ahn, So Yeon, ed. Space Study. Seoul: PLATUE. 
Brüggebors, Nadine. Facility Skins. Berlin: Schultz Contemporary.

Kitazawa, Hiromi. Double Fantasy. Japan: Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Photo on Photograph, Seoul: Kumho Museum of Art.

Western Style Courtesy of Space. Seoul: Daelim Contemporary Art Museum. 

SF. Seoul: One and J Gallery.

Delank, Claudia. Images of Speed, Cologne: Gallery Delank.

selected articles and reviews

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Kim, Keumyoung. “A Scene of Red Bricks Has Become a Part of the Marronnier Park and Deahango” CNB Journal, October 15, 2018. (Kor.)
Jo, Sangin. “Recording Is Art…’Homo-Archivist; Intervention of Artists’” The Seoul Economic Daily, July 18, 2018. (Kor.)

Jeon, Sungnam. “New Acquisition of MMCA-SAMRAMANSANG: from Kim Whanki to Yang Fudong” Asia News Agency, March 15, 2017. (Kor.)

Jo, Sangin. “What Is the Difference Between 7 Billion-Won Photo and Free Photo?” The Seoul Economic Daily, July 14, 2016. (Kor.)Hoi, Yujin. “The Present and Future of Korean Contemporary Photography ‘Photo: Five Rooms’” Design Jungle, July 13, 2016. (Kor.)
Kwon, Hejin. “Five Artists in One Exhibition… ‘Photo: 5 Rooms’” Yonhap News Agency, July 6, 2016. (Kor.)
Song, Sujung. “Into the Photograph: Square Transformer“ June 30, 2016. (Kor.)
Lee, Jungeun. “BMW Korea Presents Special Photo Exhibition at the Seoul Open Art Fair” The Financial News, May 11, 2016. (Kor.)
Lee, Hyanghui. “Questioning The 74cm Standard: Two Person Exhibition by KDK and Eunu Lee” Maeil Business Newspaper, February 23, 2016. (Kor.)
Woo, Hyunjung. “Back to Back on the Arbitrary Boundary: ‘Kim Dokyun & Eunu Lee : 74cm'” Space Magazine, March 2016. (Kor.)

Pyeon, Wansik. “Cohabitation of Architecture and Photography: The Creative Spike Generates Synergistic Effect“ The Segye Ilbo, August 10, 2015. (Kor.)
Son, Youngok. “Plastic Snack Bags and Plastic Chicken Wrappers Are Reborn as Great Figures” The Kukmin Daily, March 23, 2015. (Kor.)
Ham, Heyri. “White Packaging in Our Daily Life Have Spaces of Their Own“ The Seoul Shinmun Daily, March 20, 2015. (Kor.)
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Jo, Sangin. “Photo Gallery: KDK ‘p. GALAXY Note 2…’” The Seoul Economic Daily, March 15, 2015. (Kor.)
Kim, Jungsun. “Kim Dokyun’s New Solo Show: Spatial Exploration Found in Packaging” Yonhap News Agency, March 14, 2015. (Kor.)
Kim, Ami. “Even If It’s a Disposable Product Soon to Be Thrown Away…” The Herald Business, March 9, 2015. (Kor.)

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Lee, Yunmee. “Endless Evolution of Landscape Caught in the Lens.” The Herald Business, March 9. 2005 (Kor.)