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20110326 - 20171214
20171215 - 20171231

instagram@kdkkdk is a project based on my visual diary kept from March 26, 2011 to December 14, 2017. During the 2456 days, 1555 photographs were taken and uploaded to Instagram. In December 2017, the 1555 images on Instagram were printed as Polaroid style and filled the entire wall of Sahngup Gallery in Seoul. These photographic prints were removed from the wall whenever they were chosen to be purchased. At the same time, the images were deleted from the Instagram account permanently and entered the realm of individual privacy from the space of social networks. The show ended when the last photo at the gallery was sold. In 2018, the project was completed by the publication of the book instagram@kdkkdk containing all the 1555 images with the list of collectors.

20110326-20171214 instagram@kdkkdk Installation Time Laps, 2017

20110326-20171214 instagram@kdkkdk Exhibition Time Laps, 2017